Cuz I wanna talk a lil music

Hey guys! Sooo this is my second post (I hope all three people that will read this are proud) and I just wanna talk a little bit about music. I’m not going to lie, I’m that cliche kid that is obsessed with all things music. The lyrics, the harmony, the pounding of the drums. It has always fascinated me that such a strong message can be passed along in a 4 minute time spectrum. There are many things that I could live without, but music is definitely not one of ’em. My gosh, who am I kidding? I’m a freaking music addict. You will see me without music, the same day that you see cows flying. Even now sitting in my room at midnight I’m belting along with Twenty One Pilots (skeletøn clique swag). I know that this post is seriously lacking in purpose, but screw it, I was bored and in the mood to write. 

Peace suckers✌🏼️