I’ve been thinking a lot about universal concepts. I would say food and love are the most obvious things under this category. But the more and more I thought about it, the more I realize that maybe, just maybe the biggest universal concept is the want to be happy with yourself. I cannot think of a time in my life when I’ve reflected on myself and been happy. Yet it’s still something I strive for. Why is that? 

I’ve seen from my own personal travels that the feeling of wanting to like the person you see in the mirror is not decreased or amplified, but the exact same. I’ve met people from all socioeconomic groups, in all different countries, who live much different lives than me, yet they strive for the same thing. 

Is it just an idea engraved into the human brain? I need to live up to these specific standards or I shouldn’t be proud of myself. Or is it something bigger? Whether a psychological defect in humans or an idea pushed into us at such a young idea, I don’t know. 

I was just thinking and I had to let it out. 

Peace suckers ✌🏼 ️


Quiet is violent

Sometimes quite is violent 

I sing along with those twenty one pilots lyrics almost everyday, without giving them as much as a second thought. It’s only when you truly are in the quiet that you understand the melancholic meaning behind those words. 

The air conditioning you hear rumbling, the dog you hear scratching, the clock you hear ticking, but worst of all, the thoughts you hear running throughout your head. A quiet room  may be one of the loudest places to be, even more than in front of a jet engine. 

What am I doing tomorrow? When is that project due? Worthless worthless worthless! What if everyone just forgets about who I am? I want some waffles.  What if I forget who I am? I wander what I’m going to be like In the future. Is that clock slowing down? I can’t take it anymore. Should I dye my hair red like Hayley Williams? If me and Brendon urie got married what would be our ship name? What if I let everyone down? Why do I put in more to friendships than I get out? 

All it takes is for me to be in the quiet for a few minutes, and I will most definitely have a pit forming in my stomach from my thoughts. 

I think that is one of the reasons that I love music so much. It is a way to get rid of silence, but at the same time it is also a way for me to find refuge from my thoughts. 

Peace suckers✌🏼️

What the heck is INTJ? 

Hey guys! So I just wanna talk a little about personality types which is something that fascinates the crap out of me. When I say personality types, I’m not talking about the buzzfeed quiz that you took earlier today, I’m talking about the Myer Briggs personality test. As corny as it sounds, I really feel like I’ve gotten to know myself exponentially more since taking it and researching my type than I normally would have in a decade. There is something about being able to vocalize who you are and how your brain works that is absolutely unreal, and almost an out of body experience. For instance I am an intj, which means I’m introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging. Being this personality type, I often feel alone or lonely, so it is great being in a community with my fellow intj’s. And In my case, I have a whole community that I can complain about the world to (which is freaking amazing). I won’t go to deep into explaining my personality type, cuz it would take a few days to write it all in detail. The basis of my type is that I live my life in an architectural way. I research, plan, and then delegate. There are many more nuances that go along with how I show my emotions (or should I say don’t show them) and how I react to social settings, but I don’t think I should bore yall with my type, when you could be learning about your type instead. So take the test and then in the comments tell me what you are! 

Peace suckers✌🏼️

Cuz I wanna talk a lil music

Hey guys! Sooo this is my second post (I hope all three people that will read this are proud) and I just wanna talk a little bit about music. I’m not going to lie, I’m that cliche kid that is obsessed with all things music. The lyrics, the harmony, the pounding of the drums. It has always fascinated me that such a strong message can be passed along in a 4 minute time spectrum. There are many things that I could live without, but music is definitely not one of ’em. My gosh, who am I kidding? I’m a freaking music addict. You will see me without music, the same day that you see cows flying. Even now sitting in my room at midnight I’m belting along with Twenty One Pilots (skeletøn clique swag). I know that this post is seriously lacking in purpose, but screw it, I was bored and in the mood to write. 

Peace suckers✌🏼️

Well hello there, good lookin

Hey guys! Sooo if you can’t tell the obvious, this is my first post. My friend has one of these thingymabbobers, and me, being the extrovert that I am (biggest lie I have ever told) decided that it would be a good idea to run my mouth off with all the weird thoughts that go through my head. Especially since I spend all my time at home watching House Hunters, and never really have conversations with my fellow humans aside from my parents (stop judging me, we all know that you are probably watching an HGTV marathon right now). So if you like awkward stories (which I’m full of), deep as crap thoughts, and me complaining about the world, and obsessing over music, then this is the blog for you 

Peace suckers✌🏼️